Boy or Girl?

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Tell us what you think our 3rd baby will be. ♥ We find out 2/4/13!!

Girl 77% (20)
Boy 23% (6)
Total de votos  100% (26)

Comentários (4)

Jackie (Sábado, 2 Fevereiro 2013)
Super excited for you either way!! Can't wait to hear the news =)

Laura (Sábado, 2 Fevereiro 2013)
I had two boys and then a girl and so did my brother so I am going to hope that theory holds true for you too! Whomever they are they will be loved that is for sure. :)

Carolyn (Sábado, 2 Fevereiro 2013)
Whatever it is, boy or girl, the baby will join the lucky Pauly and William in a wonderful family. Be well, my friend!

the mama (Sábado, 2 Fevereiro 2013)
my "gutt" feeling has always been that it's a boy - could be that is all i'm used to... not sure. lol!!!

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