Terms and conditions

I. General conditions

  1. "voto.void7.com" is a free service of inquiries (polls) for blogs and other sites.
  2. "voto.void7.com" reserves the right to refuse its services to any entity, either particular one or not, without justifying the reason to such decision. Any complaints or claims must be communicated in the comments menu option.

II. Conditions of use

  1. The service provided by “voto.void7.com” must be used in good custumes and good behavior.
  2. The following situations are considered offensive:
    1. advertising products or services.
    2. diffusion or commerce of software copies or another material protected for copyrights.
    3. use of the service for transmission of "Spam".
    4. use of the service to spread out any materials related with sex, pornography and child sex abuse.
  3. "voto.void7.com" reserves the right to suspend the service, in case of violation of the defined terms.

II. Stability objectives

  1. "voto.void7.com" practises adequate politics of security to the type of service provided.
  2. A data backup copy is made every 2 days for the purpose of service retore in case of occurrence of a problem. However, it is not has accepted any responsability for loses of information that can happen in the service.

IV. Limitations of responsibility

  1. "voto.void7.com" does not assume the responsibility for any type of actual damages for the use of its services, even so practises of adequate politics of security.
  2. "voto.void7.com", is not responsible for the improper use of the service.
  3. "voto.void7.com" does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted and it could not be made responsible by any use, or incapacity of use, including, but not limited to, interruptions of the service, problems of access to the site, problems of conectividade to the Internet, access not authorized to the servers of "voto.void7.com", and other problems of technical nature and problems related with the congestion of transference of information in the Internet.

V. Confidentiality

  1. Password of the registered Users will be dealt with confidentialily and will not be transmitted to others.
  2. The address of email of the Users, when provided, will not be shown on the site. It will be used for recovery of data, and for communication between "voto.void7.com" and the User.

I. Limitations of technical support

  1. All the services "voto.void7.com" are supplied "as it is". It means that in we do not compromise to accept any order to modify the system to satisfy the needs specific of a particular user. The suggestions to change will are welcome, and will be analyzed. In case on beeing considered acceptable it can be implemented. The criteria for selection is reserved to "voto.void7.com".

VII. Changes to this document

  1. "voto.void7.com" reserves the right at any time to present new conditions before the users.