Frequently asked questions

What is a poll?

Opinion polls are surveys of opinion using sampling. They can be about opinions or facts and are usually designed to represent the opinions of a population by asking a small number of people a series of questions and then extrapolating the answers to the larger group.

What is is a free tool for people creating their own polls and have them on their blog or other sites, without requiring any programming.

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What is the cost of the service?

None. Zero. 0.

Why is it free?

Although we put a lot of hard work into this service and we have some expenses, is a free service for the users. We expect to at least cover the fixed cost of the service using advertising. You can notice some advertising in the pages, although we intend to keep it very light.

The main objective behind this service is to improve our knowledge in this area.

If you feel that this service has helped you in any way, please tell others of on your blog, in a forum or on your website.

How many polls can I create?

There is no limit. You can create as many as you need.

Which languages are supported?

English and Portuguese (click here to change)

Can I have images on the options?

Yes. You have to prefix the option text with "img:" and type the url. For example:

What is the difference between the dynamic code and expanded code?

The dynamic code is shorter and you don't need to change it in case you change the poll colors. Nevertheless, in order to use this code in, you need to edit the blog template. To avoid it, you can use the expanded code. While editing your post, you should choose the "Edit Html" option and paste the code.

What is the system timezone?

All times are GMT. The time now is 2018 May 25, 0:48.