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This site will be discontinued. Please find an alternative. is a free tool for people creating their own polls and have them on their blog or other sites, without requiring any programming.

Enhance your blog with more interaction!


  • Fill the form.

  • Only 3 mandatory fields:
    • question
    • description
    • the first two options

  • Click "create"

  • Copy the poll code, that is given, and paste it on your blog template, for example

  • Memorize the poll id and keycode. It will be necessary in case you whant to change the data.

direct recommendation 42% (145)
found in search engines 19% (64)
saw it on a site 39% (133)
Total votes  100% (342)

Comments (10)

Vive (Thursday, 6 October 2011)
Thank you. Very helpful. keep it up.

jg (Saturday, 3 April 2010)
Bom site. Muito simples

Mark (Thursday, 22 October 2009)
It's good websites

jiab (Wednesday, 20 February 2008)

snake_314 (Monday, 10 September 2007)

vhahaha (Tuesday, 7 August 2007)
Well lets see

Julio Armando Paredes (Thursday, 29 March 2007)
is It really so strange?

Fexy (Sunday, 25 March 2007)
I'll give it a go.

Quicksilver! (Saturday, 24 March 2007)
Let me give this a try

Gaurav Dhar (Saturday, 24 March 2007)
Well lets see

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How did you heard about this tool?
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