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The allows you to create polls, modify and delete them anytime.

This page describes each field of the poll creation form.
In case you have any doubt, please read the FAQ or send us an email.

The most important field is the password. Please don't forget to memorize it, in order to be able to modify the poll.

The are only 3 mandatory fields:

  • question
  • description
  • two options

All other fields are optional.


The Question is the text that is shown in the top of the poll answer form. It is also displayed as the title of the poll page. It must have the minimum of 10 characters and can be up to 255 long.


Fill this field with the appropriate text about the poll subject. It is the main body of the poll page.

You can place pictures and links to make the page more complete and a quick reference about the poll subject.
After creating the poll you can improve this text based on the feedback from the comments and other information that you may collect.


Each poll must have the minimum of 2 options and a maximum of 7. Each option can be up to 255 characters long.

Options can be text or images. In order to put an image as an option you must write"img:" followed by the image url.

For example:

Click here to see an example of a poll with images as options.

You can modify or delete the options anytime. In order to delete an option simply delete all the option text and leave the field empty. The votes of that option will be deleted.


The password validates the poll administration authorization.
You can change to the one you want, when creating the poll. Otherwise it will be generated automatically.

In order to be able to modify the poll you must click "Manage" in the menu. Then you must insert the poll id and the password.

In case you loose the poll password, you can only recover it if you have introduced your email address when creating the poll. In that case, you should click "Recover password" in the menu and insert the email address you used when creating the poll. If you didn't inserted any email address when creating the poll, the best you can do is to create another poll.

Privacy level

You can share the poll results, only percentages, or you can keep that information private.

In case you choose not to share the poll results, and you want to see it, you must memorise the poll password.


Introduce your email address in order to be able to recover the poll credentials. The email address will not be published.


In case you insert a valid link, of your blog for example, the page title (question) will be an hyperlink to that site.

Text color, Background color, Contrast color, Line color

You can modify the poll answer form colors, to better fit your site or blog. The next picture shows the location of each color.

Start date and End date

The start and end dates can be used to program the start and end of a poll. It is useful on polls that must start or/and end on specific dates. It will only accept votes and comments within the active period. Outside that period the poll and comments will be available to read but cannot be added.

The poll administrator (owner of the password) can change the dates at any time.


Optionally, the poll can have a mini-forum, to discuss the poll subject. Comments can be disabled. The poll administrator can delete any comment, even if it was inserted by anyone else. In that case he must click "Manage" in the menu. Then you must insert the poll id and the password, enabling the [delete] link near each comment.


Status can be used to disable or enable a poll, letting it be available for reading. In case a poll is disabled, the poll and the comments can be read but cannot be voted or added.

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